Graduated from Colorado State University

BS Microbiology 2000

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 2005

Internship Equine Medicine and Surgery 2006

Certified in Stemcell therapy, Veterinary Medical Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Rehabilitation and Pain Management

(and obsessed with full health recovery)

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Marie was raised with many species of animals and has always been able to recognize when they are in distress - scared, ill, or painful, in particular.  Years of training and experience in veterinary medicine fostered a system for animal health that is far beyond administering daily vaccines and medications.  Each patient is cared for with process and design for recovery of the body systems to their own optimal level.  


Currently, her veterinary practice focuses on regenerative medicine, pain management, and optimal physical function.  This is a pretty intense and specific area, and you can't get to this kind of health recovery without a strong base in nutrition, supplements (which are really still nutrition in function, and early intervention in medical care.

From: Fort Collins, CO

  • Worked in: Colorado, Arizona, Mexico, Alaska, Costa Rica

  • Dogs names: Zoey, Roy, and Bella (never forgotten)

  • Sees Patients in Denver, Colorado

  • Veterinary specialty: Physical Health Recovery and Pain Management Services: 

    • non-drug pain therapies​ (joint injections, tendon rebuilding with sound wave)

    • Nutritional and supplement consults

    • Rehabilitation consults: injury recovery and fitness

    • Neurologic recovery: acupuncture and chiropractic care​ 

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  • Favorite things: Dogs! My partner, Steve. Healthy Food. The Outdoors. Art. Traveling the world and learning new things.

  • Hobbies: Yoga, Painting, and singing in a band! 

  • Luxury: Nail appointments, good coffee, friends around a firepit

·  Guilty Pleasure: organizational blogs, audiobooks, YouTube videos about writing, singing, and telling stories

NAME: Sydney Lange, Client Care Liaison

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Sociology

Extensive course work taken in health, wellness, and physiology

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She met Sydney and her family of furry friends in 2018. Since then they have conquered mountains for her dogs. From allergies and skin infections and diarrhea to eating rocks, from early diagnosis of hip dysplasia and through fitness. Enter Sydney's dog Henry: who has all of those and has just turned 2 years-old.

Medical advise is not legal to share without Dr. Marie meeting your dog in person.  However, the advise we are talking about here is not medical advise - in fact it is all the other stuff that you need to know about and never have time to discuss in an exam room!

Marie and Sydney have decided to team up to share with you some information about navigating the dog world that will change your life: the information they share will help you streamline your decisions to make the best decisions around the food, insurance, and exercise your dog needs and what is best for you and your lifestyle.

  • From: Denver, CO

  • Works in: Denver, CO

  • Special work history: Montesorri School Teaching assistant, Camp Leader for children with chronic diseases

  • Dogs names: Henry, Olive, Winston, and the late Daisy

  • Specialty: Advanced Market Research​ 

    • Dog Food Ingredients

    • Quality Control

  • Favorite things: Dogs! Healthy Food. The Outdoors. Travel. Coffee!

  • Hobbies: Organizing Everything. Making Henry his dog food. Teaching children :)

  • Luxury: Facemasks and Candles

·  Guilty Pleasure: Organizational blogs - yep, me too.

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