What my clients say...

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Relief!  Recover quality of life.

No more neck/back pain

Rudy - 8 yr MN Husky

Layla - 14 yr FS Shep mix

Notch - 8 yr FS Pointer

No more hip pain

Bella - 6 yr FS Golden

Bella - 5yr FS Bernadoodle

Jackson - 10 yr Golden

No more knee pain

No more elbow pain

Trinitiy - 3 yr FS Papillon

Delilah - 10 yr FS Heeler Mix

No more muscle strain

Paralysis - Recovery

Ellie - less elbow and hip pain

A few words about experiences....

" Dr. Bartling is highly skilled not only in animal welfare but also in human and animal relationship. She guided us in establishing correct behavior in dealing with our dogs and she believes in an all around well being of the animal and human. I have seen at least 10 different vets to help manage my dog's fecal incontinence and she resolved that problem after one visit of chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture. I have never given any recommendation for a vet but I'll gladly refer her to everyone I know. Thank you for making my life and my dogs' lives better!"  - Olivia

I have had the distinct pleasure of interacting with Marie as both client as well as colleague, and I cannot speak highly enough of her skill and compassion. Marie has provided my family with most every aspect of veterinary care. She has helped us welcome every new pet into our home and start them off with the best care possible, and has been there through the rest of their lives. Marie's skill in pain management through acupuncture and chiropractic helped my ancient border collie mix live two more pain-free years after oral pain medication ceased to work. Her suggestion to couple the acupuncture with aqua physical therapy was a stroke of brilliance, and Morgan was always happy to see "her" vet. Her skill in dentistry and soft tissue surgery are exceptional. She has removed lumps, bumps, and teeth as needed from our goofy corgi, Seamus. After having a deep and sizable tumor removed by Marie, Seamus is unmarred by any hint of a scar. Marie helped me understand the risk my rescue dog Mac had for developing hip dysplasia, and coached me through the use of supplements to help prevent his growing hips from degenerating. I can happily say we did not need to do anything further to treat him as he is a sound and solid running partner to me, in great part due to Marie's help. Marie helped me understand and grieve when my scarred ex-tom-cat Darwin contracted a terminal infectious disease, an she held both he and I as we helped him cross the rainbow bridge. She has coached me on animal public health issues as scores of foster kittens have come into our house-- bringing with them all the infections and parasites that are part-and-parcel of the fostering world. I have also worked alongside Marie in a clinical setting, assisting her as she examines and diagnoses pain-management and physical therapy cases. Her compassion towards both the owner and pet is a sight to see, and I have seen the most nervous and fearful dogs relax under her touch. She is calm and patient, explains her thoughts in an easy-to-understand way, and ensures owners know exactly what she is thinking about how she can help their pet. Marie is an absolute gift to those of us who love our pets as family, and she will always be our veterinarian." -  Melanie