Our bodies work hard to be well maintained every day.  It is the least we can do to support our health processes in an educated way.  

I take supplements that have been recommended by a specialist, by Examine.com, and/or have an NASC seal that are similar to what I recommend for whole health in dogs.  

I share this because I am asked daily, not because I can do any advising or consulting for any human
 medical condition.  The information provided, is simply that.  Please use the references provided in making your supplement decisions along with your human healthcare provider.  This is where I buy them on Amazon.

I have pre-researched pricing for you - the links I shared are the best price on Amazon - click images for product data and financial breakdown). 


Multivitamin: whole food vitamin and mineral supplement- daily​

Joint Supplements: if you don't have the raw materials - you can't rebuild.

Mental health and support for anti-pain neurochemistry - as needed

(CAUTION with prescription anti-depressants/pain meds, consult your doctor!)

Immune support - as needed

Special case - advanced immune support

I'm Yunity - Mushroom protein extract with data to support immune system - not on Amazon but has better data) - used in chemotherapy patients

(1/10lbs body wt per day: $1.58 per capsule for 60ct, or $1.20 for $360/300ct)

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