Frequenty Asked Questions

Gear and Supplements

What is the best harness to use?

  • One that does not impede shoulder movement and has a clip on the front that you can use
  • One that you can avoid lifting a front foot to put on if your dog has trouble balancing or arthritic pain.
Ruffwear: Front range or to with light mobility assist or water therapy get the Webmaster ​ 2 Hounds No Pull Freedom Harness: Help Em Up Harness: ​Best mobility assist for hindlimb weakness ​

What is the best way to help my dog get in the car/SUV from the side?

Folding steps with traction:

What are the best truck ramps/steps?

All have 200lb rating for weight limit and trailer hitch attachment. Twist step (stays on hitch and stows away to drive) on Amazon Pet Safe flip down steps from Amazon for taller vehicle: Otto Step (best value for one step - remove while driving) on Amazon:

Which products really help to calm my dog during storms?

Calming collar with essential oils: Proquiet supplement from Amazon (do not give without consulting your vet): Zylkene natural supplement (best with regular use):

Which joint supplements should I give my healthy young dog?

Cosequin DS is the only data backed supplement that protects cartilage and is worth the money:​​

Which dog foods do you like?

This is a long conversation. Suffice to say - I want your dog to have the best diet you can afford. Minimum: it is balanced and the right amount of calories and the right life stage if you have a large breed dog Preferred that it is at least 50% fresh food vs processed kibble If there are GI issues inflammation/pain - antibiotic free is best (organic) See Aiden at Petzlove Pet Store in Centennial or schedule a consult with me for specifics and coupons

Do I need pet insurance?

If you want the best possible care - you will need help to pay for it. Just like humans do. Choose wisely - some are not worth the money - routine visits are not that expensive.... It is most helpful for managing finances around chronic disease Little dogs benefit from coverage for dentistry, heart disease and orthopedic disease, and internal medical disease Medium and big dogs benefit from coverage for dentistry, orthopedic disease, and internal medicine disease like allergies and cancer

Which exercise equipment do I need?

Most important for all dogs - you will need a step or ottoman that will not slide when they put their feet up on it and that is wide enough that they can side step along the length of it. I like this one from Amazon because it is adjustable, put a yoga mat under it for traction. Link: Balance block - I like this one from Amazon: ​​ It is also really helpful to have a snuffle mat to give them something to do while you elevate their feet: Upcycled materials, flat mat: This one keeps the food in place and can be used as a slow feeder - bowl shaped: ** Once the know what this is, bring it to the vet to reduce anxiety. (Keep them hungry til then for best results!) A lick mat can also be helpful to slow down feedings and keep them busy for a minute and then can be used in the clinic for anti-anxiety training:

Pain Management

How do I know my dog is in pain?

  • Hesitation or Trouble doing things they can normally do
  • Grumpiness with movement
  • Slow movement
  • Limping (even if intermittent)
  • Sad face/lip licking (add video of Siboo)

Should I skip my dog's pain meds or Trazadone the day I see you? I want you to find the problem.

No. I promise, we will find the problem, please give their medications.

Can we help my dog relieve pain without medications?

We have a huge number of non-drug options, all help some, most pets with a lot of pain need a combination at first and then we wean them off drugs as they begin to heal over 30-60 days.

Is using multiple mediations safe to use? What do they do?

Pain is a complex problem - whenever we try to solve a problem with multiple parts, we have to address all the parts for best outcome. I use a combination of medications, supplements, and non-drug modalities from day one to reduce needs for medications overall as quickly as possible and in the smartest order. Without the correct order/approach it is common to hear my clients come in the first day saying - "The meds don't seem to help anymore."

What are the things I can do at home to help my dog get pain relief?

  • Laser: rent a laser or buy one from us for you to use!
  • PEMF Assisi pet bed or loop:
  • Learn Massage for dogs: or from us!
  • Start supplements with good anti-inflammatory support (see me for a list!)

What are the things we can do to get my dog off of daily pain meds?

All of the above in #5 plus rehab exercise and interventions that have longer lasting benefits!

How long does it take to see benefits from pain meds?

30 days (some improvement the first week

What are the best joint supplements for my arthritic dog?

Need to shorten this content. It won't allow such long answers, the copy needs rewrote to lead in to a longer page.

How do I get my dog to loose weight?

You should be able to feel your dog's ribs like they are wearing a t-shirt - not a hoodie. Calculate daily calories for super fit weight! Here is an online calculator! ​ Feed less carbs. Just like people. Set up a one hour consult for discussion and coupons!​

My dog is slowing down - are they just getting old? What do you mean, maladaptive pain?

I am often asked if age slows down our dogs - I would tell you that if this has a timeline of much worse over a few months, or a history of OA or surgery, it is much more likely the pain system that is over activated. We call this maladaptive pain. Best news: it is reversible and manageable.

Canine Injuries