There are hundreds of brands and several belief systems about what good dog food really is:

Is it raw? Dehydrated? Grain-free? Includes grain?

Simply put: the best food contains the raw materials that we use to build and re-build our bodies, with no contaminants and in a form that is easy to digest.

The foods listed on my webpages for purchase have been curated for quality:

- Complete and balanced by a veterinary medical and food professional

- Human grade food

- No history of recalls

- Taurine competent - not on the FDA list potentially associated with DCM

NOTE: there are many unknowns about this taurine deficiency phenomenon, which means there is a more detailed list of other foods that dogs have eaten and developed heart disease as well with other factors involved: read this article for all reported brands of food. 

WHY is comparing dog food important? 

Don't they all have the same quality if they are AAFCO approved?

All foods that meet the AAFCO standards meet MINIMUM requirements (which can be done with Mac and cheese, chicken dust and vitamin powder).

Our standards for YOUR DOG are not going to be the minimum.

How much more does it cost to do it well?

First, ask yourself, how much more do you pay in vet bills and time and energy if you feed food that doesn't support health for your dog (ie "Sometimes he has an upset stomach....he is just sensitive."

For the average 50lb dog: $200-400 per month for premium food. I have options that start at $150 if we blend products, maybe a bit less. If you need a smaller budget, we can still talk, knowing we will need to modify some of our standards.

Dog food is made less expensive by:

1.  Using less expensive raw materials that can be ground up and used to make the  nutrition in them more available to the body.  

2.  Fertilizer and pesticides are use to make plants more resilient and help them grow bigger.

3.  Antibiotics are fed to animals to prevent illness when they are raised in confinement to maximize the return on the investment of raising those animals.

4. Making kibble shelf-stable for up to 2 years. (Would you eat that?)

For more information about food quality: watch Petfooled on Netflix. Here is a link to the trailer on You Tube.

For more information on the cancerous by products that high temperature food processing (most kibble is made this way) read this article on pubmed: Biomonitoring the Cooked Meat Carcinogen 2-Amino-1-methy-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine in Canine Fur.

See my dog food online shopping page for more information about specific foods and price comparison on a per month basis for great food.

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