I do alot of things that fit in to my dog obsession - what I love most is to teach others to help dogs. – Dr. Marie

Veterinary Services
Age is not a disease - it just looks like one.
Want your dog to feel better? Me too.

Invested pet parents are welcome new clients: 


I work in a top-notch veterinary clinic - come see me to strengthen or relieve pain for your dog.

Hands-on Workshops
Working with sport dogs? Fearful dogs?
Want to know why they aren't performing like they used to? 

I teach dog lovers and trainers to identify pain for themselves – so that we know why they are grumpy and can help them return to the daily wag. 


Learn to keep your dog out of trouble and prevent injury.  Sign up for a workshop!

Product Development Consulting
Genius for dog stuff? 
Fantastic - let's plan world take over.

Have a product that might help dogs? I love to help get them into the right paws. 


I have a network of clients and rescues that would love to give you some feedback and it is a great feeling to support these dogs who need a second chance.

Email me your product details.

Veterinary Consultation 
What did Marie do?
This one time, at dog camp.... there was this dog with 10,000 problems and...

Are you a vet who needs PRACTICAL knowledge to solve pain for dogs? Do you need real educational content to communicate painful conditions and treatment options to your clients? Drop me a line.