Here are a few of my favorite stories....see more on the next page where clients talk about what it looks like to get quality of life back for their dogs!

Quality of life for aging athletic dogs - Pain Management

Cassidy is a shining example of what old dogs can do when they are not so painful that they can't exercise.  It takes constant work to make and keep the body strong and similar effort to keep body tissues rebuilding as we age.

Here is her story:  WATCH HERE.

2 min 55 sec

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Pain relief from combination of problems - IBD and back pain ... yes they are related!

Joey had a number of autoimmune issues that were driving her and her parents crazy!! No sleep, no comfort, no rest for the weary.  She needed a combination of anti-inflammatory diet, medications and supplments to stay off Prednisone!

Here is her story: WATCH HERE.

2 min 48 sec

Notch Cocanour.jpg
Athletic recovery - From paralysis to athlete

Notch is one of the most inspiring dogs I know.  With whole heart and smile, she worked with her dad Josh to relearn how to walk, trot, and finally run again.  She has several abnormal degenerative discs in her neck and back - while they have slowed her down, she is unstoppable.

As she has aged we have carefully managed other medical diseases that pose her inflammation.  She gets all the care we can give - and has for years: 

- Acupuncture

- Chiropractic

- Protein therapy

- Stem cell therapy

- Special diet and supplements


Here is her story: WATCH HERE.

2 min 45 sec

Stuart in blanket.jpg
Lameness Puzzle - Nothing is wrong on the X-ray

Boy does this happen to me a lot.  I am often referred dogs with pain that no one seems to understand or be able to find.

Stuart was fearful, sometimes grouchy, and limping.  He is a little guy which means the first assumption is often that he might have patellar luxation.  Nope.

He had tendonitis in his knee and groin and lower back pain - causing a skipping lameness.

One session of shockwave changed his life, and he gets treatments once or twice a year now.  Learn more about shockwave on my You Tube channel here.

Here is his story: WATCH HERE.

1 min 36 sec


And his before and after videos are below.

Before shockwave: 
After shockwave: